The #1 Online Thing Applicants Expect from You

In this historically tight labor market, it seems it’s all your team can do to find qualified applicants and get them in the door, trained, and sticking around past their first 90 days. We know you are tasked with more duties than ever, and now you’re also expected to be a digital marketing expert, too!  

We get it. Our HR clients are under extreme pressure to fill positions fast. That’s where our team comes in, to come up with new ideas to reach new applicants and then rapidly execute on those ideas to fill hiring funnels. We’ve seen many things rise to the top of the list in terms of HR marketing, including video and social media, but there’s one thing that we can say you need right now.

It's messaging.  

Applicants are sending private messages to our clients’ hiring Facebook pages at all hours of the day and night. They want to know everything about the job in an instant. From what we see, they would actually prefer to do most of the process over a PM! They want to know pay, shifts, and expectations at 3 a.m. on a Friday night.  

social media hr marketing

It’s overwhelming for most HR managers to deal with. Our team is using social media tools and methods to make the most of this lead generator. We utilize messages to start that relationship that may lead to a successful hire or quickly weed out a poor fit before you have to spend an hour interviewing them to find out the same thing. It’s saving time and it works as a new type of warm lead list, because we can go back through messages and mine for interested people when pay scales or shifts change. Just because they weren’t interested last month, doesn’t mean you can’t revisit their interest later. It has truly become the number one new way to maximize resources.  

If you’re serious about getting new, qualified people in the door at your company and we can help, just visit and set up a consultation time. We have several marketing packages to help your company shine, find new applicants now, and get you back to doing what you need to do. We look forward to helping you hit your hiring goals!  

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